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1.Story as the Shape of Our Listening
This early article explains the evolution of the Listening Team process called Narrative Room with its new emphasis on Listening, the stories we hear through, rather than the stories we tell.

2.What to Listen to in a Text
Notes on how to approach a text and applying this to how to listen to a story for what gives it its power.

3.A Narrative Theory of Change

Read the fuller explanation of the NSL approach applied to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

4.The Principles of a Narrative Ethic
The basic principles of an emerging Narrative Ethic from our work. This is a manifesto that can apply to media, and to writers, and to anyone working with stories. The core idea is about the relation between the story, who owns it, who tells it, and who is effected by it.

5.If you want to Change the World
You have to Change the Story

Read the meditation partly inspired by President Obama's Second Inaugral Speech

Newsletters-Narrative Matters
Catch up on earlier CNS  Communications

February 10th 2009
Others to come soon