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What We're About-Rebuilding the Trust

Our traditional repositories of stories are under fire. There is a lack of trust and belief in education, law, the church, police, government, big business, and the media. Without this trust and belief, the social fabric becomes threadbare. New stories are needed, and they need to be created by those who understand how story does its work.

Our focus is to build understanding of the mechanisms behind how and why stories work. Using this understanding, we encourage responsible action and use of this understanding to conduct ethical narrative practices.

Our core focus is helping everyone explore how story works and how to work stories. We help participants decipher story codes, genres and patterns to discover hidden meaning. We teach how to seek out the ghosts of dead or forgotten stories in a culture. We examine how public stories are scripted and shape our perceptions and decisions in unconscious ways. Raising the level of our narrative consciousness enlarges the domain of choice for us as citizens and consumers.

We want to give people a new frame of mind, not just a bag of tricks.

storywise.com  "Shaping the stories that shape us"