Stories of the Inauguration

The season of new beginnings is almost over .

The Inauguration was an amazing celebration, and the close to two million people who were on the Mall or on the Parade route will long remember it.  Some described it as heralding a new era. Others wanted to be able to witness the history. But the

If you are in DC, come to Golden Fleece Feb 17th and share your own stories



Why Stories are costing us big money!

 The story will unfold in a predictable way. The new President will have his honeymoon when even his opponents will grant him some grace, allow some appointees with some dubious pasts to get approved, and all will be jolly and good mannered, until...The Coaches turn back into Pumpkins. For for on this, go to The loss of innocence: Key Writings

A Narrative Critical Analysis of the Election

But the country faces real challenges and the economic figures that keep coming out about lay-offs and the GDP will turn the honeymoon into a nightmare which even a popular and smart President will have trouble dealing with. We have allowed ourselves the luxury of a romance to bring about a change of administration, but it is not the story-form that will do the work in the next four years. His Inaugral Address seemed to know this. To read more, go to storywise_old/a_quick_tour.htm