"Shaping the stories that shape us"


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2014 offerings are being
planned now including

Becoming Storywise-
The Basics

Seekers Church
276 Carroll St
Takoma MD

This foundational workshop is for
those who have had little experience with narrative or are interested in its practical application to our media dominated culture.

Special One Day Session: 
Stories Written in Marble-A Walking Seminar on Washington DC. 

Seekers Church,
Takoma MD

Meet the stories behind the monuments and how they reflec
t and distort our national story.

Introduction to Narrative Practice and Living Stories

The Seekers Church, Takoma MD













There is a more imporant question than "What are we to do?
It is
"What story are we acting out of?
Alastair Macintyre

CNS works with leaders
in organizations, NGO's, corporations and communities
training them to become


That means you will
learn to

  • better understand the power of stories
  • more effectively measure the real effects stories have in shaping our identities and our destinies 
  • translate this understanding into practical tools to engage more creatively with conflict, change and the challenges of the future

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The Republic of Stories



"Shaping the stories that shape us"

























This book takes the 2008 election as a Case Study to show how narrative shapes elections.

"Leaders ( who work) in a story of well defined endings and excited beginnings have to exercise real leadership in the middle, to reorientate their troops by constantly injecting hope, by hanging tough, when the wind dies and there seems no signs of movement or life."
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